Posted on 08-Feb-2018

Protech Locks Locksmiths

Been looking at the ZOO range of locks the last couple of weeks,got to say been extremely impressed with their BS mortice locks,the 114 retro fit definitely stands up to the Chubb on quality and a lot cheaper,the lever heights are different so the Pin&Cam won't work but I am sure it would if you knocked up a new pin set,was especially impressed with the fortress retro fit a really smooth key operation straight out the box which can't be said for the ERA,I know many locksmiths just won't fit them simply down to bad quality many random problems notchy keys which often need filling out the box call backs that come out of your pocket,they pick really nice definitely a lock I wouldn't hesitate to recommend,check out ZOO HARDWARE they also have some interesting cylinders out namely the V10 the V6S and the standard V5 cylinder,some restricted key profiles and paracentric key ways,also good quality really is worth checking out.
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