Posted on 23-Jul-2018

Protech Locks Locksmiths

Here are the favorite most useful and best picks for the job we have found at Protech Locks Locksmiths,In order.
1:Southord Slimline
2:Storm Lock picks
5:Southord Standard
This is just our preference and our favorite picks to work with but it depends greatly on the lock being worked on,now days a lot of the locks having tighter key ways we find the Sothourd slimline being the go to picks as their great for tight key ways and are very strong and have lasted over time other than these when not working with tighter key ways the Majestic stand up well and will last over time,this is talking from an in the field view and not lock sport,as a personal preference I like madbob and storm picks but won't stand up in the field as long as others as day to day use again this is just personal findings and others may have different views.
I hope this small write up maybe useful to some new and older locksmiths alike.
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